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Bad ass cheese sauce - and yes, it's vegan.

Finally, a vegan cheese sauce that doesn't suck! Bold, rich, & flavorful, doesn't taste like pureed carrots and versatile enough to be used as a simple cheese dip or for an entire meal.

We're temporarily out of stock. Yea, we're bummed out too.
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No fillers, fluff or artificial stuff.

Liquid gold has a full body taste - not watered down like many other sauces. We only use all natural ingredients you can recognize and pronounce.

Great for dipping or whisking into a meal.

A single jar is enough to satisfy your week-long dipping cravings or enough to prepare dinner for your entire family - with leftovers! A little goes a LONG WAY!

Go nuts. It's allergen friendly.

A coconut milk based cheese free of gluten, soy, nuts, sugar and dairy making it a great option for people with common food allergies or intolerances.



The scoop.

6 servings per container. Serving size 1/4cup (32g)

95 cal
per serving
8g fat
per serving
3g protein
per serving
200mg sodium
per serving
INGREDIENTS: Coconut milk, Nutritional Yeast, Red bell peppers, Green bell peppers, Yellow Onions, Tomato Paste, Garlic, Vinegar, Spices, Natural flavors

Recipes & weird usages.

Follow our Instagram and subscribe to our Youtube channel for recipes and creative ways to indulge in your golden jar of goodness. Make your own creation or lather up and bathe in it. Ok - seriously, don't do that. But if you happen to take a few selfies, tag @FineappleVegan with hashtag #LiquidGold. We LOVE sharing your photos!

Order Liquid Gold.

We're working hard to get our Liquid Gold vegan cheese sauce in a store near you but in the meantime you can order directly from us here on our website. We're a small business so every order counts!

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Your questions answered.

Frequently asked questions about the product, shipping and other randomness.

Is it vegan?

This is a serious question we've been asked a lot even though we're an all vegan brand. But the answer is a resounding -yes! Liquid gold is 100% vegan.

Is it a sharp cheese?

No. If you are looking for a sharp cheddar cheese flavor this is not it. Liquid Gold was intended to be a versatile cheese sauce and sharp cheddar does not bode well for every recipe. We will likely launch other products with different flavors and levels of sharpness in the future.

Is it spicy? I have kids and want to be sure they can eat it.

Liquid gold is loaded with flavor but it's NOT spicy! In fact, based on customer feedback and videos shared with us on social media kids LOVE IT!

I have food allergies does it contain nuts?

Liquid gold is a coconut based cheese sauce with no nuts, gluten, soy, sugar or dairy. Technically, the FDA classifies coconut as a tree nut when it's actually a fruit so take that for what it's worth. We have encountered a few people with coconut allergies and if that's you, unfortunately you would be highly allergic to our product. Sorry!

What the heck are "natural flavors"?

We've gotten this question more than a few times. We recognize that many shady products mask not-so-good ingredients under the FDA umbrella term "natural flavors". Liquid Gold is not one of those products. Rest assure the natural flavors in Liquid Gold are only from fruits, vegetables, and organic spice. No crappy, artificial chemicals are added.

How should I store it?

We recommend keeping it refrigerated at all times even if unopened for best results and consistency. However, it should be discarded within 7 days of opening. Liquid Gold can be consumed cold or room temperature but we always recommend heating it up to re-ignite all the flavor!

How do I thicken it?

For best results we recommend heating it on a stove top in a saucepan. Bring it to a low boil, reduce to a simmer, remove from heat and then allow it to cool to a temperature safe for consumption. Your Liquid Gold should begin to thicken to your desired consistency. Enjoy!

What is your return policy?

Because of food regulations and safety protocols we cannot accept returned items but if you are dissatisfied with your purchase please contact us at and we'll be happy to resolve your complaint as best as we can! Sometimes things can happen during the shipping and handling phase that are beyond our control so if you receive a damaged product please let us know!

My package says delivered but I never received it.

This is not uncommon if you live in an apartment. Please check with your leasing office or the carrier your package was sent from (USPS or UPS). If you feel your package was stolen, we will happily issue you a replacement but you will be responsible for shipping fees.

What do I do if my items were damaged or lost in transit?

Please send an email to We will replace damaged items at no charge to you. If your package was lost in transit with an accurate shipping address we will also replace it at no charge to you. If your package was lost in transit due to an incorrect shipping address you will be responsible for paying shipping costs to issue a replacement.

Why is it always out of stock!?

Ha! We have seriously received negative reviews from people that haven't been able to order because it's out of stock. We are working around the clock as best as we can to keep Liquid Gold in stock. We have limited staff and have been experiencing very high demand (no, not due to COVID-19). To best stay up-to-date when we've restocked, follow us on Instagram (@FineappleVegan) and turn on your post notifications.

Find a retailer.

We're working diligently to bring Liquid Gold to stores near you. Here's a list of awesome retailers where you can strike gold. Your store not on the list? Ask them to contact us!

Leave us a review.

Already had a chance to bask in your liquidy goldenness? Tell us how you liked it! If you haven't tried Liquid Gold yet and are still debating why you should give us your cold hard cash - maybe some of our customers can ease your mind.

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