Fineapple Vegan. More than just vegan food. It's a lifestyle.

First, I want to welcome you to my website. Hey Boo!! *waves and gives air hugs* My name is Brittanie, I'm a devoted wife, mom to 4 of the most beautiful, sweet and intelligent boys, and I can't forget our little fur-baby "Hendrix the Husky". In a nutshell, I want to change the world! (lol) To be more specific, I find that people (whether they're black, white, purple, pink or green) often connect through the enjoyment of food. So why not use ridiculously delicious, healthy and cruelty free food to do just that?! Not only do I want to bring people together, but my MAIN focus is to also show them that being vegan doesn't mean you have to sacrifice FLAVOR nor does it mean you have to eat grass all day. I put my EVERYTHING into each and every dish that I prepare. I spend hours, if not days, to perfect each spice, flavor, texture until I get it right. This is more than just vegan food. This is a lifestyle. Whether you're already vegan or a curious carnivore, all are welcome! I promise, you won't regret using one of my BOMB recipes for your "Meatless Monday" meals!

I'm looking forward to guiding you on this Vegan Journey. Buckle your seatbelts because I drive crazy! Muah!!